Thursday, October 25, 2018

My Favorite Bridge

This is the Hauser Bridge Road Bridge Over S. Fork Gualala River in Sonoma County, California.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get on Over to the MendonomaSightings Blog!

If you haven't yet seen it, check out --

It's the best way to know the best of Mendonoma from afar. Don't forget to say "good dog!" to Huckles.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cap and Tax Is Dead!

For now, at least.

This might be a good time for global warming alarmists to reconsider their goals, then work with skeptics to achieve those goals.

In my view, that portion of global warming attributable to anthropogenic causes is minuscule compared to natural causes such as Milankovich cycles, sun spot activity and cloud formation. Nor am I convinced that global warming is all bad as alarmists like Al Gore and James Hansen would have you believe.

That is not to say that governments shouldn't plan for climate change. They should. Knowing how climate change affects population centers, water supply and food production are extremely important planning issues. Prudent governance demands that we acclimate to climate change. That includes avoiding its adverse effects (such as sea level rise) and capturing its beneficial effects (such as increases in arable land).

Spending trillions on programs that won't affect climate change -- such as cap and trade -- is not only bad governance, but deprives us of the resources needed to acclimate to climate change.

There's another reason I oppose implementing cap and trade policies. It will prove to be an unnecessary financial burden on most Americans while enriching a few that trade in carbon credits (think Enron, but on a much larger scale).

Once folks feel the full burden of cap-and-trade and fail to see any of its stated goals achieved, the environmental movement will be doomed. Anyone that professes a desire to protect the environment will be voted out of office and replaced with a candidate less likely to balance the needs of the environment with demands for a high standard of living.

That's why I say alarmists need to reconsider their goals. Stop using global warming as a panacea for all environmental ills. Push for policies that directly improve the health of our natural environment. Push for policies that encourage the development of alternative energy sources such as wave, wind and solar. Push for policies that enhance energy independence, such as clean burning coal technology, coal gassification, hydroelectric and nuclear energy, and yes, even more offshore drilling.

The merits and pitfalls of those policies should be subjected to vigorous public debate on an individual basis. Attempting to roll them into a single policy to fight climate change serves to stifle the essential public debate and will lead to implementing ill-conceived public policy.

Continuing to frame the debate as "settled science" or "more CO2 won't increase global warming" ensures only one thing -- a lack of consensus on several important issues.

In my opinion, a much better public policy can be achieved and the environmental movement enhanced if we concentrate on achieving attainable goals such as cleaner air, cleaner water, alternative energy and energy independence. There are enough folks on both sides of the isle willing to accomplish those goals that a true bipartisan policy can reached. What's more, those policies can be effective and implemented at a substantially lower cost and with far less government interference than the proposed cap-and-trade policies.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, Wipe the Egg Off My Face

Smiling face, that is. Sarah Palin has thus far proved to be a game-changer in this election. The Republicans can now run on Obama's theme of change, and convincingly so.

I must profess I really don't understand the Obama phenomenon. In my view, he's a fundamentally flawed candidate because his resume it too thin. (But it won't always be that way!) When was the last time you saw the need for a presidential candidate to compare their resume with the vice-presidential candidate from the other camp?

Be that as it may, Obama is still a formidable phenomenon because roughly half of our voting populace likes him. Hopefully, his supporters understand that his opponent is a very qualified candidate that is also supported by roughly half the voting populace.

But what if Obama loses? How will his supporters react? Will they accept defeat or deny it? I hope they give that some thought before the first Tuesday in November.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Golden Retriever Love Brigade!

The Golden Retriever Love Brigade is back! Celebrate our independence and spread the love in Gualala and Point Arena this year!

Bring your Golden to the Cypress Center on Saturday, July 6th or Pt. Arena on Sunday, July 7th. Or come to both!

On Saturday meet uphill at the water company/KTDE parking lot by 12:40 p.m. The Cypress Center parade lasts about one half hour.

On Sunday assemble at the high school tennis courts at 11 a.m. Be prepare to pick up "accidents" by your Golden. Rick and Jeanne Jackson will provide water for the dogs. Red, white and blue scarves will be available for the dogs, courtesy of Peter and Tony. Elise and Davina will again carry the brigade sign, which will have new embellishments by Jeanne Jackson.

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

GMAC retrospective

It's Sunday, and I've just calmed down from the "meeting". While it was a start in the right direction, an open forum is needed to allow sufficient time (there could still be time limits, but 2 minutes ea. by 25 people was not the best use of time, IMESHO) As an official "Gualala resident", I decry the isolationism expressed, esp. given contributions made by neighboring communities.
The fireworks (plus the Patriot's Day hoopla) are the decisions of the Few, the Proud, and the Determined. I'm hopeful that the ground swell in opposition will continue, and the fireworks will remain, as they always had, in Point Arena. If educating the GFC about the environmental consequences of continuing the fireworks, hopefully with help from wildlife and coastal protection agencies, has no effect, I can only hope that some legal means may be found to deny such an event. The formidable range of talents and interests in this community (and I mean the whole community) can surely be utilized to formulate a means of celebrating the 4th that retains the special ambience of Gualala while honoring all forms of life in this very special and magnificent area.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was inspired to create this blog after observing the tireless efforts of many members of our coastal community working to save nesting birds from the adverse effects of fireworks displays in Gualala, California.

This blog is the place to share information and discuss issues that affect the Mendonoma Coast. All participants and all topics are welcome. Showing respect for the opinion of others and demonstrating common decency are the only requirements. Enjoy yourselves!