Sunday, June 10, 2007

GMAC retrospective

It's Sunday, and I've just calmed down from the "meeting". While it was a start in the right direction, an open forum is needed to allow sufficient time (there could still be time limits, but 2 minutes ea. by 25 people was not the best use of time, IMESHO) As an official "Gualala resident", I decry the isolationism expressed, esp. given contributions made by neighboring communities.
The fireworks (plus the Patriot's Day hoopla) are the decisions of the Few, the Proud, and the Determined. I'm hopeful that the ground swell in opposition will continue, and the fireworks will remain, as they always had, in Point Arena. If educating the GFC about the environmental consequences of continuing the fireworks, hopefully with help from wildlife and coastal protection agencies, has no effect, I can only hope that some legal means may be found to deny such an event. The formidable range of talents and interests in this community (and I mean the whole community) can surely be utilized to formulate a means of celebrating the 4th that retains the special ambience of Gualala while honoring all forms of life in this very special and magnificent area.

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